State budgetary professional educational institution of the Moscow region

"Ramensky road-building College"


Director of technical school Mshetsian, Alexander Stepanovich

      I am pleased to welcome you to the official website of the state budget professional educational institution of the Moscow region "Ramenskoye road construction College".
     Today you choose your future-it is a very important step. A successful career starts with a good education. The right choice of specialty today-Your safe future tomorrow! We strive to prepare qualified, educated professionals who are able to work effectively in an ever-changing economic and social environment.


Our doors are always open for you!

For 50 years our educational institution kept its road-building profile


We have the track and tractordrawn, sports facilities, hostel, dynamic simulators-simulators, classrooms, labs, workshops.


Training is conducted on educational programs of professional education.



Technical support:

Address: Moscow region, Ramensky district,

d. Zabolote  "Ramensky

road-building College"

Contact phone number 

   8 (496) 46-381-37   

8 (496) 46-336-78


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